Stay First, Pay After!

What makes our hotel oh so special is that unlike other world’s most famous hotels, we do not withdraw the money from your account...

24/7 Restaurant

To make your experince truly fabulous, we run a luxury restaurant where the best chefs in the area are willing to serve the most amazing meals...

Open Bar Package

Not only the food is expertly delivered to our customers, but also we entertain an open bar for those who like to have real fun during their...

Spa Beauty Studio

Feeling tired and tense? Do not miss the opportunity to visit our wonderful Spa Studio to get rid of the daily routine stress and truly relax. The...

We are happy to see you at Luxury Grand Spa Resort hotel!

Small Inn 5Stars is designed by a team of professionals who know about quality products and premium customer service. We aim to quickly and effectively find the best solution, tools and additional tips that you might be requesting for the best design experience!



  • Standard
  • Standard

    Find the quiet comfort in the spacious single or double Standard...
  • Studio
  • Studio

    This is a superior type of rooms provided by our resort hotel for...
  • Suite
  • Suite

    The luxury begins in our Suite Junior rooms and ends… Well...
  • Penthouse
  • Penthouse

    The king of all rooms is definitely our large and luxury Penthouse...
  • Cheese Toasts $17.88
  • Roast Chicken Salad $25.22
  • Vidalia Onion Pie $15.22
  • Tomato Soup $13.99
  • Palenta Al Forno $34.05
  • Pasta Carbonara $25.99
  • Fruit Salad $15.22
  • Macarons $13.99
  • Creme Brulee $34.05
  • Chocolate Souffle $25.99
  • Flaky Apple Tart $17.88
  • Corsican Lemon Mousse $25.22
  • Beer $17.88
  • Wine $25.22
  • Whiskey $15.22
  • Vodka $13.99
  • Tequila $34.05
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